George’s Dock Lido

We feel Dublin deserves a world class, outdoor, heated swimming pool for locals, families and visitors

Georges dock lido conceptual designs

The George’s Dock Lido Campaign is pleased to release the first phase of conceptual images for George’s Dock Lido. We believe these images confirm the wonderful opportunity that exists for the people of Dublin to enjoy a world class public swimming facility at this publicly
owned historic site.

We have engaged the renowned outdoor swimming architect Chris Romer-Lee of Studio Octopi to create plans for a beautiful people-centred amenity for the site. Chris has a wealth of experience in public pool design and restoration and is a firm believer in the value of
public swimming facilities for local communities and for society in general.

Benefits of Georges Dock Lido

“Bathing reduces rich and poor, high and low, to a common standard of enjoyment and health. When we get down to swimming, we get down to democracy.”
London official, 1930s Lido boom

We propose the conversion of the space at George’s Dock into a large, public, outdoor swimming facility, for all Dubliners, accessible to all abilities. George’s Dock is the perfect location for such a proposal.

  • An estimated 7% of adults aged 16 and over swim each week in Ireland, equivalent to approximately 230,000 people (ESRI, 2013).
  • There are currently no publicly-accessible, open-air swimming pools in Dublin.
  • COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of utilising our public spaces as meeting points and locations for exercise.
  • The site could accommodate multiple pools, including one Olympic-standard pool. It would be a space for all, with public health benefits.
London Fields Lido

Successful Lidos

Multiple European cities have heated, outdoor swimming pools, accessible to the public, called Lidos. Examples of city-centre Lidos include:

Built by Crafted Reach